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Having a Facebook business presence is one of the most basic reasons for you to be doing anything online. It increases your company’s web presence. A business, really has only one objective, and that is sales, be it a physical product, digital product, or a service. Sales are continuing to expand and increase online, and many service-based companies are already taking advantage of this. Amazon continues to see double-digit increases in growth each year, and its profits have skyrocketed in the past year. In fact, even during a pandemic, they were one of the industries that posted growth.

Facebook Messenger can be used to act as your 24/7 company spokesperson, or take questions and provide answers, or take product orders, or make reservations for your services using third-party chatbot applications. As soon as your chatbot responds, it is posted into their Messenger box and they will see your comment or offer instantly. Some smaller companies, who do not have the cash flow to spend on separate customer service teams will definitely find these chatbots useful. Using this type of application will allow your customers to become more connected with you.  


Post an image with your logo on it and anyone who clicks on your share button will have that image with your logo on their personal page. You are not only connected to them but their friends as well through their Facebook account. They will be able to recommend you to others and your network will be able to continue to expand. Facebook pages were mostly created for small business owners who wanted to use Facebook. 


Social posting on your Facebook business page is crucial and a great way to get people to engage by liking, sharing, and commenting. You should be socially posting at least once a day and ideally twice a day. Social postings are things like funny memes, this day in history, on your birthday this happened, or special that your business is offering. People love to share these types of things with their friends and on their timelines. It is a great way to get your business name passed around to other people who may not be aware of your business. Best of all it is cost-effective. 

If you currently are not marketing on Facebook, you should consider Facebook as a tool you can use as part of your marketing endeavors.

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Interacting (Interactn) with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for any small business. Marketing through social media is easy for small business owners as long as you actively post on social media pages. Set a schedule to regularly engage with your customers.


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