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The need for email marketing is one of those things you just can’t argue with because the numbers are just too clear and astounding to ignore. The average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing these days is $38 for every $1 spent. Did you know, 80% of business professionals report growth in customer acquisition and retention resulting from email marketing. Leads are twice as likely to opt-in to your email list than and conversion rates are higher than both search and social combined!

This should come as no surprise, really. Over 70% of consumers say email is their preferred channel for business communication and 60% even say they want to receive your marketing emails weekly or more often. So, in light of all the recent trends and data, there’s really no questioning the critical importance of email marketing in your business. There are several ways to leverage email marketing for your business. These range from super basic to super advanced and everything in between. 

So, as you’ve probably guessed, robust email marketing operations can’t exactly be run from your personal email account. You need an actual email marketing platform, commonly called an “autoresponder” service. These platforms can handle a wide range of email marketing processes from basic things like initial autoresponder sequences and weekly newsletter scheduling to more advanced stuff like automation workflows. 

When you have a sale and you want to make sure ALL of your subscribers are notified, then an autoresponder sequence is the way to accomplish that. Want to sequentially market 60 days’ worth of product or service information to each subscriber who joins your email list and makes sales on auto-pilot while you relax on the beach? Then a 60-day autoresponder sequence is a ticket. Welcome sequences, indoctrination sequences, informational follow-ups, white-listing instructions… these are all things you’d use autoresponder messages for.

If you’re not using email marketing in your business, it’s time to start, right now. The only question is, when are you going to start.

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Interacting (Interactn) with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for any small business. Marketing through social media is easy for small business owners as long as you actively post on social media pages. Set a schedule to regularly engage with your customers.


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