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If you are one of those company owners’ that still needs a little bit of convincing concerning the ongoing need for quality content, here are just a few reasons you should be developing content for your business. As service-based companies, we are in the problem-solving business. Finding the solution to customers’ problems requires using highly specialized tools, special skills, and sometimes lots of time, which you can charge them for it. That is our business in a nutshell. We are problem solvers.

Content creation can come from search engine traffic, repeat visitors, links, and good old fashion word-of-mouth. Your content needs to provide information and solutions. You have proficiency in your market whether you recognize it or not. You actually have what your audience is searching for. It might be your understanding of a particular topic, your perspective on assisting others in your neighborhood, some good DIY tips, or your exceptional ability to motivate individuals into action. 

Your content can be something as simple as a checklist, an informative ebook, a seasonal DIY report, a quarterly newsletter with savings coupons or codes that require the customer to input the coupon code at your website via a simple contact form. It can be a Groupon type campaign (except you don’t have to pay Groupon 50%), birthday campaigns (we all love birthday presents), or a friend referring a friend campaign.

Desirable content can be something as simple as why and how cleaning leaves and branches from your roof is a necessity, how and why to maintain clean gutters, how to know when shingles are in need of replacing, or a video on how to fix a dripping faucet. Explain why you should clean your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser coil, why they should change their filters monthly. You’ll be the first company they call when a problem arises. This type of content is what helps potential customers to reach out to a service-based business like yours. Why is this? Well, more than anything, people are looking for help with solving problems they are experiencing in their day-to-day lives. You have the solution to their problem. 

Your capability to share your valuable content and provide important suggestions creates an important bond between you and your customers. Even those folks who are currently not a customer, but, read your content. When you deliver valuable and usable content, people are more likely to purchase from you than from your competitor. Why? Because you now have become their friend, and friends tend to like to buy from friends more so than from someone they are not acquainted with.

So, do you want some help? Contact us to see how we can set this up for you.’


Interacting (Interactn) with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for any small business. Marketing through social media is easy for small business owners as long as you actively post on social media pages. Set a schedule to regularly engage with your customers.


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