Chatbot Marketing

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Chatbots can have a valuable impact on your business. They can streamline and automate tasks for your business. Chatbots have the ability to interact with consumers in a personalized and effective manner, without initial human intervention. Working 24/7, they can easily maneuver through heavier workloads than their human counterparts. A chatbot, on the other hand, is available any time of the day and night, even during inclement weather. 

Here are a few case study examples of the type of success some businesses are experiencing.

A Data Science company saw an astonishing 4,000 leads generated by their chatbot resulting in 25% of their sales pipeline being influenced by their chatbot.

A company that creates website landing pages saw their Welcome Messages lead to a 267% increase in chat conversations. Their website conversion rate increased by 36%. Their targeted email messages had an open rate of 30% and a click-to-open rate of 21%.

A large public transportation company saw an 800% ROI resulting in bookings increasing by about 25%. Their friendly bot answered a little over 3,000,000 questions in a single year. Now that is a lot of questions being asked. The best part was, the chatbot never got tired of taking and answering questions and never got off-topic or script.

A spa/hospitality company was able to see a 47% clickthrough rate on automated messages and a 29% increase in website traffic in just 6 weeks. This led to a 16% increase in spa booking and reservations.

As you can see, chatbots can have a valuable impact on your bottom line, no matter the industry. Chatbots can generate more sales and revenue for your business by helping you turn visitors into qualified leads. They can schedule sales calls, and meetings, or even come up with personalized product recommendations. 

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